Online Reviews and Search: Statistics You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Reputation Marketing is new to most Australians so when I talk to clients about it I always start at the beginning. Screen shots are great because they clearly show how Google displays local search results with businesses pinpointed on a map and online reviews clearly visible. After that we look at those search results listings and […]

Three More Reasons You Need a Responsive Website

If the ballooning statistics for mobile phone Internet use haven’t convinced you yet, and you’re not concerned that at one in four of your website visitors, will be viewing your site on a mobile phone here are a few more reasons you need a responsive website design. Google Analytics for my travel site Get In the Hot […]

13 Local Marketing Strategies: a Cheat Sheet

Marketing can be confusing and digital marketing especially so because of the ever-changing nature of the Internet. To make it easier for you to understand what’s available, what’s most important and how to create an effective local marketing campaign we’ve listed 13 local marketing strategies in order of importance here to show you what order […]

4 Reasons Online Marketing Beats Offline

Print advertising or marketing in local newspapers, magazines or flyers is still popular for local businesses but it’s hard to track the return on that investment. What’s more, you often pay a premium to advertise in local media based on their readership or circulation, when nowhere near as many people read the paper, and few of those […]

Video Training: 3 Simple Steps for Smart Local Marketing

We’ve developed a simple, effective three step strategy that combines Google Local marketing, Responsive Web design and Reputation Marketing to get you found on the search engines and build instant trust so people call you. Our aim is to to help local businesses get more customers and give you the most bang for your marketing buck. Sounds […]

Three Simple Steps to an Effective Web Marketing Strategy

Are you looking for the most effective local Web marketing strategy and the best way to invest your marketing budget? We’ve created a simple, effective local Web marketing strategy which gets the maximum results from a minimal investment and helps businesses: Get found in search results; Cater for people using mobile devices; Get people dialing your number to get […]

Get a Free Web Marketing Report for Your Business

Have you ever wondered how effective your Web marketing is? For a limited time we’re offering a free Web marketing report for local businesses. The report will tell you exactly how well your marketing efforts are doing and, if possible, how you can improve them. [formidable id=12] ×

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