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Why we’re passionate about digital and Google Local marketing and why you should be too

Having an effective website is vital because 97% of consumers research a product or service online before buying it. So it’s great if your website looks as good as you are but you also need to make sure that potential customers can actually find your website so they include you in their buying decisions.

We’ve been specialising in digital marketing since 1995 and we’ve seen many changes over that time but the biggest one is how hard it is to rank well in the search engines now.

But recent Google changes to could give you the edge on your competitors and get you listed on the first page of search engine results.

Digital marketing beats all of other forms of marketing including print, radio and TV advertising because if you do it right you get long term results. A print advert may cost $500-1000 or more and will soon end up in the recycling bin but your investment in digital marketing should carry on getting you new business for many years to come.

Why is Google so Important?

As you probably know Google is the biggest search engine in the world so ranking well on Google is key to making sure your website is found by the people who are looking for the products or services you’re offering.

In the past ranking well on Google was mainly about on-page optimisation (including site content and hidden code) as well as incoming links to your site. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) scams abound and one of them is to improve search engine rankings by creating a lot of incoming links to a website. That worked well until Google cracked down on scams like that and suddenly stopped listing websites that had paid for incoming links.

It was terrible news for many business owners whose site traffic and income plummeted overnight because they didn’t even know their SEO companies were acting unethically.

But it’s great news for people like you and me who want to rank well with the search engines and stay on the right side of Google, because there are now new opportunities to get listed on page one of Google which we haven’t seen for years.

Google Local Marketing

Why is Google Local Marketing Vital?

Right now what really matters for search engine ranking is your Google+ Local listing which is called your Google My Business page and replaced the old Google Places listing. Google is placing a lot of emphasis on Google My Business pages because it’s one area that scammers can’t influence and they want to reward real business owners like you who do the right things to optimise their website and Google My Business page.

Because Google My Business page listings are so important we’ve been spending a lot of time learning about them and testing them we now know the exact steps and strategies that will make sure your site is seen on Google so that it gets more traffic which you can then convert into paying customers. One of the keys to Google Local Marketing is getting citations on relevant local and industry websites which we take care of for you.

It’s an exciting development which we’d like to offer you as part of our new Google Local service because there is more to Google Local than just registering your page and linking it to your website.

What are Citations and Why are they Important?

Citations are mentions of your business name and address on other websites, either with a link to your website or without. For example, a listing in an online yellow pages directory, portal website or local business association is a citation.

Citations are an important part of the search engine ranking algorithms in Google and Bing. If all other factors are equal then businesses with more citations will probably rank higher than businesses with fewer citations.

Citations are particularly important in less-competitive niches such as for tradies where many service providers don’t have websites but they are vital for all local businesses. Citations are important because they validate that a business is part of a community and can significantly improve your local search engine rankings.

To find out more about our Google Local Marketing service use the links below:

Google Local Marketing


  • Creating a Google+ My Business page.
  • Verifying (if needed) and optimising your Google My Business page.
  • Creating unique copy including relevant key words and phrases for your Google My Business page.
  • Identifying third-party sites that are respected by Google and relevant to your industry.
  • Creating and optimising 20 third-party listings and citations for your business to improve your Google ranking.
  • Optimising your website to reflect the recent changes in Google algorithms.

Responsive Website


  • Price will vary from $499 depending on your current website and exact requirements.
  • Price includes:
  • Creating a mobile friendly and fully responsive version of your existing website.
  • Modern, professional website that will work across all devices.
  • Expert Advice from highly qualified and experienced web team.
  • Fast and Secure Premium Cloud Web Hosting.
  • Online Support Desk and Phone Support.

Google Adwords Service

$499 setup*

  • NO CONTRACT – cancel at any time.
  • * A monthly fee occurs subject to traffic and budget.
  • Guarantees your site will be found on first page of Google search.
  • “Click to call” links on Mobile Ads.
  • Complete control over monthly budget.
  • Pay for site visits, not Ad views.
  • Ads on both the Search and Display networks.
  • Targets Local Area.

Reputation Marketing

$POA monthly

  • NO CONTRACT – Cancel at any time.
  • *NO SETUP FEE. $399 FREE UNTIL END 2014. Fee is per location.
  • Our Reputation Marketing service helps you get more great online reviews and use them to market your business.
  • Asking For Feedback Is As Simple As Entering Your Customers Name & Email.
  • Search monitoring option.
  • Intelligent Feedback Routing.
  • Fully automated, easy to use software.
  • Online Support Desk and Phone Support.

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