Reputation Marketing

No one wants a bad experience! In fact most people would happily pay more for a great service or product.

To help people find trusted businesses Google ranks Google My Business pages higher if they have great online reviews and also displays other online reviews prominently in search engine results. We know online reviews are incredibly powerful because a Nielsen survey found that 72% of people trust online reviews more than TV or radio advertising, newspaper editorials or even an email newsletter they’ve subscribed to.

That’s why great online reviews and reputation marketing will get you more customers and increase your profits faster than any other type of online marketing.

What is Reputation Marketing?

Who you gonna call?

Reputation marketing allows you to take control of your online reviews, build a five star online reputation for your business and use social proof to get more business.

Reputation Marketing is based around social proof which is the most effective psychological trigger there is. We like to believe we’re independent thinkers but actually we follow the herd. If you have a market stall getting a few people to gather around your stall will draw a crowd because if something is popular we instantly want to be part of the action. Reputation Marketing is an easy low cost way to harness that power of social proof online.

Google recently changed the way it displays search engine results. Google search engine results now show the average Google review star rating for a business right under the business name along with the total number of reviews for that business. People can then link to and read the reviews before deciding which business to choose.

Think about it. Would you choose a company that has a five star reputation rather than one with four or less stars under its name? Would you choose a company that has hundreds of reviews over one that only three people have ever bothered to review? You’re not alone.

The number of stars under your company name and the number of people who have left recent reviews for your business will directly influence the number of people who click on your name and visit your website. So the more recent rave reviews you have online the more business you’ll get. It’s that simple.

That’s why we offer reputation marketing to help our clients get more five star online reviews, minimise bad reviews (it happens), keep track of new reviews, both good and bad, and train staff so they can keep the good reviews coming in and make their businesses stand out like a five star beacon in Google search results.

Why Reputation Marketing is Vital Right Now

Reputation Marketing should be the cornerstone for your marketing strategy because all other forms of marketing are worthless if you have a bad online reputation. It’s shocking but true. Newspaper or magazine adverts, TV or radio advertising, search engine optimisation, online advertising or Pay-Per-Click campaigns are a waste of money if you have bad reviews online because everyone who Googles your company will see your bad reviews and look for someone more reputable to do business with. That’s why if you want your business to succeed having a good online reputation is everything.

Remember that 72% of people trust online reviews more than TV or radio advertising, newspaper editorials or even email newsletter they have subscribed to.

Online reviews are powerful and set to become even more powerful because of the way Google displays them now right below your business name. But having a few good reviews isn’t enough because the average person will want to read 10 reviews before they make a buying decision, so if you don’t have 10 online reviews they will be considering your competitors. If you do have 10 or more reviews that’s great as long as the reviews are great because you reputation is only as good as your last review.

Now here’s the good news. Because Reputation Marketing is so new your competitors probably haven’t even heard of it yet. And the sooner you take charge of your online reputation, the harder it will be for them to catch up with the hundreds of glowing reviews you can get while they’re still clueless about reputation marketing.

Your reputation is everything and we only work with businesses that have a great reputation.

Why You need Reputation Marketing

TrustedHaving a glowing reputation will help in any industry but in particular in the current economic climate because everyone wants to avoid paying for a bad experience. It’s still early days here in Australia because we always lag behind the USA in Web marketing but the first local businesses to use reputation marketing will have an unbeatable advantage in the local reputation marketing game.

Do you only want to do business with the best people? Would you like to have only the best experiences?

We all feel that way which is why everyone needs reputation marketing and it’s the best way for you to invest your marketing budget bar none.

Reputation Marketing Details

Our custom software provides a simple, safe, automated system to build your reputation. It allows you to:

  1. See feedback from your customers at an employee level and monitor your online reviews 24/7 with automatic notifications when you get a new review.
  2. Increase business profits by connecting you with your recent customers to get new reviews and build a five star reputation online.
  3. Thwart potential negative reviews and, for larger businesses, monitor each team  member’s performance.
  4. Request a review by simply entering your client’s name and email in the system so they’re automatically sent an email with a unique tracking link that allows them to leave feedback quickly and easily from their desktop computer or mobile device.
  5. Provide a simple, easy to use feedback form to make it easy for people to give you a star rating and leave you a review.
  6. Quickly capture feedback and direct happy clients clients to repost the positive review online or flag a negative review for immediate attention allowing a quick resolution with our intelligent feedback routing software.
  7. Monitor customer feedback down to an employee or department level to help you improve your overall understanding of customer service based on recent and historical feedback. Larger businesses can drill all the way down to an individual employee or department level.
  8. Build your brand online and rank higher for local searches while increasing profits because your positive reviews are heavily weighted and are a large contributing factor to your online ranking in search results.
  9. Display your positive reviews automatically on your social media pages or website.
  10. Get more new clients because social proof shows that the more positive reviews your business generates, the more likely it is that new customers will choose you!

Reputation Marketing Service Benefits

Our custom reputation marketing software makes getting great online feedback easy, controls the impact of negative feedback and turns your five star online reviews into a self-managed marketing system that generates you new clients every time someone looks for a business online in your area.

When you choose our reputation marketing service you’ll get a branded webpage where people can quickly and easily leave you feedback from their mobile or desktop computer. You’ll also be given access to a secure page where you can view your reviews and manage your reputation marketing.

Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes of the software to show you what you have to look forward to:

Program Features

Google Local Marketing


  • Creating a Google+ My Business page.
  • Verifying (if needed) and optimising your Google My Business page.
  • Creating unique copy including relevant key words and phrases for your Google My Business page.
  • Identifying third-party sites that are respected by Google and relevant to your industry.
  • Creating and optimising 20 third-party listings and citations for your business to improve your Google ranking.
  • Optimising your website to reflect the recent changes in Google algorithms.

Responsive Website


  • Price will vary from $499 depending on your current website and exact requirements.
  • Price includes:
  • Creating a mobile friendly and fully responsive version of your existing website.
  • Modern, professional website that will work across all devices.
  • Expert Advice from highly qualified and experienced web team.
  • Fast and Secure Premium Cloud Web Hosting.
  • Online Support Desk and Phone Support.

Google Adwords Service

$499 setup*

  • NO CONTRACT – cancel at any time.
  • * A monthly fee occurs subject to traffic and budget.
  • Guarantees your site will be found on first page of Google search.
  • “Click to call” links on Mobile Ads.
  • Complete control over monthly budget.
  • Pay for site visits, not Ad views.
  • Ads on both the Search and Display networks.
  • Targets Local Area.

Reputation Marketing

$POA monthly

  • NO CONTRACT – Cancel at any time.
  • *NO SETUP FEE. $399 FREE UNTIL END 2014. Fee is per location.
  • Our Reputation Marketing service helps you get more great online reviews and use them to market your business.
  • Asking For Feedback Is As Simple As Entering Your Customers Name & Email.
  • Search monitoring option.
  • Intelligent Feedback Routing.
  • Fully automated, easy to use software.
  • Online Support Desk and Phone Support.

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